Dr. Maham Hussain – Chemical Process, Biomass, and Renewable Energy Expert


Proficiency in Technical Domains

Dr. Omer Ali specializes in AI, ML, WSN, IoT, IIoT systems and its integration with 5G and beyond 5G networks. Over 15 years of professional experience working with leading & cutting-edge technologies. I enjoy working in a multi-verse of technologies to aptly enhance my technical skills and provide consultation to the optimize business processes.

Computer Simulation & Modelling
WSN, IoT, IIoT, and Systems Integration
Computer Networks & Architecture Design
Still & Motion Graphics
Recent Research Projects

Featured Recent Projects

Featuring research projects, product and prototype designs encompassing multiple engineering domains

Adaptive Battery SOC Estimation

Incorporating lightweight, scalable, and adaptive ML algorithms for accurate battery SOC estimation for embedded applications.

Realtime Environmental Sensing

Applied research in designing Sensing as a Service (S2aaS) for real-time environment sensing, AQI monitoring, event alerts and forecasting.

Adaptive MAC protocols for WSN & IoT Applications

Designing lightweight, scalable, and adaptive MAC protocols for WNS and IoT applications to enhance battery lifetime.

Medical Diagnosis using Machine Learning

Modeling human physiological features for early detection, and symptoms identification of diseases in health-care environment.

Securing next generation IoT and IIoT networks

Design of software based firewalls, and advance security architecture for next generation IoT and IIoT systems.

Real-time Industrial Equipment Fault Diagnosis

Real-time fault identification of Industrial Machines using advanced Deep Neural Network and Industrial equipment modelling.

Recent Publications